Friday, February 17, 2012

Cloth Pattern

Angel Wings Wash or Dish Cloth

Pattern Stitch:

I started with the broken cable stitch pattern used it in a cloth and as I was knitting it I thought of how I could change it to look like wings, so I tried it and it worked. :-)

The pattern has 10 stitches and 26 rows, so to make a reasonably square pattern I cast on 46 stitches to do 4 repeats across, and 2 repeats vertically.

I made a border of what NZ knitters call moss stitch and US ones call seed stitch, but you can use garter stitch if you prefer. I just happen to like the look of the moss stitch, though it slows up the process a little. I made the border 4 rows at the beginning and end and carried 3 stitches up each side.

I also did 2 rows of reverse stocking stitch (stockinette) at the top and bottom, as the pattern keeps at least 2 stitches of this up each side.

Special Instructions:

C3B - Cable 3 Back. Slip next 3 sts onto a cable needle and hold at back of work, knit next 3 sts from left-hand needle, then knit sts from cable needle.

C3F - Cable 3 Front. Slip next 3 sts onto a cable needle and hold at front of work, knit next 3 sts from left-hand needle.- then knit sts from cable


CO 46 stitches
Work 4 rows in border: Moss stitch/garter stitch
Work 2 rows reverse stocking stitch, keeping first and last 3 sts in border pattern

R1 (P7 K1 P2) four times
R2 AND ALL WRONG SIDE ROWS P the P stitches and K the K stitches
R3 (P6 K2 P2) four times
R5 (P5 K3 P2)
R7 (P4 K4 P2)
R9 (P3 K5 P2)
R11 (P2 K6 P2)
R13 (P2 C3F P2)
R15 (P2 K6 P2) [This is correct, it allows the twist of the cable to shape up properly]
R17 (P3 K5 P2)
R 19 (P4 K4 P2)
R21 (P5 K3 P2)
R23 (P6 K2 P2)
R25 (P2 K1 P4 K1 P2) [Start of next pattern block. The wings overlap slightly and "look" in opposite directions]
R27 (P2 K2 P6)
R29 (P2 K3 P5)
R31 (P2 K4 P4)
R33 (P2 K5 P3)
R35 (P2 K6 P2)
R37 (P2 C3B P2)
R39 (P2 K6 P2)
R41 (P2 K5 P3)
R43 (P2 K4 P4)
R45 (P2 K3 P5)
R47 (P2 K2 P6)
R49 (P2 K1 P7)

Work 2 rows reverse stocking stitch

Work 4 rows moss stitch/garter stitch border. Cast/bind off. You've done it!


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Going to try this. ♥

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Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeats it. See the link the below for more info.


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