Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunseeking Cats

The furry feline flatmates caught enjoying a precious patch of late summer sun.  Prrr prrr...

The last roses of Summer - and some daisies.

 Dublin Bay

 Double Delight

Shasta Daisy Banana Cream

 Pink Flower Carpet

 Unknown :-)

Another unknown

The title says it all really.  We have had a lovely Indian Summer after a less than wonderful summer, but the weather is going to break soon, I am sure, so I took a quick look at the last pretties in my garden.

Mattie's Blanket

Finally sewn together, just some ends and the border to do: woohoo!!

My Mum knitted the squares before she passed away 18 months ago, and it has taken a while to be able to bear to do it, but the worst is over and the end is within reach :-).

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