Monday, January 28, 2013

Plants for my Great Garden Project

Some pictures of potential plants for replanting my garden after we remove some wildly overgrown shrubs. 
Love the colour of these Heucheras! By the way, I bought the little white dianthus up there: I put it down to take the picture and didn't realise it was in the shot.
Hen and Chicken Ferns

Golden Thyme

Parahebe - for reference.

This is gorgeous, but 6 - 8 metres? I think not.

Nice shaped pots

Love this colour!

Couple of little weeping maples

Foreigner, but with potential?

I couldn't resist the colour of these, but not for the garden project!

Baby agapanthus

Woohoo, wiggy bush!  Can we find a place for one?

Like the light on these leaves


Poor old tree!

Pot colours: the greeny shade is a truer shade of the  pots below.

Like both these, but especially the greeny one

Nice reddish shade.

This lime green is interesting.

another view of the blue and green pots: round this time instead of squared off.
Flower carpets for the rose garden by: the drive: Coral
Apple blossom
Coral again

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